In the Classroom 4/9 - 4/13


This week in kindergarten our theme is Caterpillars and Butterflies.  Students will be listening to stories about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly and learning additional information about caterpillars and butterflies.  In math, we are beginning our unit on identifying and describing two-dimensional shapes. In writing workshop, students are continuing their work with “how-to” stories.  Students are working on adding a beginning that will catch the reader’s attention.


1st grade:  

What a busy week we have ahead of us! Don’t forget, picture day is Wednesday.


Daily 5- In reading groups, we are going to be working on sequencing our books that we read. We will take a look at a few different books in whole group such as, When you give a Mouse a Cookie as well as sequencing The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Practice this skill at home this week during homework! We have also started a few new and improved rounds during Daily 5! Ask your first grader what they are doing differently:).


Math- This week, we are continuing our work with fact families. We will practice this skill through lots of fun games and our GO MATH program! Fact families are a great way for our kiddos to see relationships between addition and subtraction problems and also helps them solve an unknown problem!


Writing Workshop- This week we will continue working with opinion stories. This week we will be persuading our writers to see opinions from a different viewpoint by using facts about a topic! So fun!


Science- We are continuing our Force and Motion Unit this week by exploring Friction and experimenting with force and motion by building roller coasters and seeing how marbles travel along the rollercoaster when using different designs and speeds!


2nd grade:

Reading:  Fourth quarter focuses on fables and fairy tales!  The students will continue to read fables like The Lion and the Mouse, The Ant and the Grasshopper, and many others.  They will practice summarizing the fable and finding the moral or the lesson in it.

Writing:  We are writing opinions about books.  This week we will write about favorite parts of the book, characters, and illustrations.  When we write our opinion paragraph, we think OREO. O-opinion, R-reasons, E-explanations, O-opinion restated.


3rd grade:

We will be practicing and getting for our upcoming MAP and AIR tests. MAP Reading is this Wednesday!


Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. They will be sorting, writing rules, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print.


During reading mini-lessons this week, the students will be working on identifying the moral/lesson of folktales and fables. Students will read different variations of folktales and fables to continue their comparing and contrasting skill. We will also be focusing on author’s point of view and purpose.


During math this week, we will be continuing our measurement unit. Our measurement unit will focusing on telling time, finding elapsed time, measuring in inches, etc.


The last quarter of writing is focusing on adapting fairy tales into our own narratives. The students will read classics, and then make changes to the characters, settings, motivations, and solutions. This week we will create our very own class fairytale! Students will be involved in adapting the characters, setting and plot to fit our adaptation.


Our unit in Science is on matter. The students will be studying the different phases of matter and how their atoms are arranged. The students will also observe the different states of matter. Our last unit in Social Studies will focus on Decisions and Economics.


4th grade:  

Reading: Over the next few weeks, students will prepare for the reading AIR test.  The AIR test for reading will be April 18th and 20th. Also during this time, students will take the spring reading MAP test.  


Writing: Students will be working on literary opinion essays.  In these, students will make a claim and work to support their claim with reasons and evidence from the texts.  


Science: Students will be learning about measurement conversions this week in science.  We will learn how to convert customary and metric units from one form to another.  Students will have a test over electricity and energy coming up the week of April 23rd.  Exact dates for each class will be sent home in the near future.


Social Studies: This week we will be delving into the Civil War! This will include learning about Ohio’s role during this event, a few of the battles, leaders in the war, and the terrible event that occurred just a few days after the Civil War. Homework until April 23 will be working on Civil War presentations. Students will have time to do the majority of the research at school. Requirements and grading rubric for this project is on their Google Classroom.



Gray Savages (Mr. Gray’s Morning Math Class)

Monday-Relate Hundredths and Decimals (Lesson 9.2- homework, pages 505-506 or page 506 and Enrichment 9.2).  

Tuesday-Equivalent Fractions and Decimals (Lesson 9.3-homework, pages 511-512 or page 512 and Enrichment 9.3).  

Wednesday-Relate Fractions, Decimals, and Money (Lesson 9.4).  

Thursday-Assessment-Relate Tenths and Decimals and Relate Hundredths and Decimals (Lessons 9.1-9.2).  

Friday-Relate Fractions, Decimals, and Money (Lesson 9.4-homework, pages 517-518 or page 518 and Enrichment 9.4).


Bullhawks (Mr. Gray’s Afternoon Math Class)

Monday-Add Fractions Using Models (Lesson 7.3-homework, pages 405-406 or page 406 and Enrichment 7.3)l.  

Tuesday-Subtract Fractions Using Models (Lesson 7.4-homework, pages 407-408 or page 408 and Enrichment 7.4).  

Wednesday-Add and Subtract Fractions (Lesson 7.5-homework, pages 413-414 or page 414 and Enrichment 7.5).  

Thursday-Assessment:  Add and Subtract Parts of a Whole, Write Fractions as Sums, Add Fractions Using Models (Lessons 7.1-7.3).  

Friday-Rename Fractions and Mixed Numbers (Lesson 7.6).


Gray Savages (Mr. Kiefer’s morning math class)

Monday - Lesson 7.1, adding and subtracting fractions.  Homework will be pages 389-390 or lesson 7.1 PMT.

Tuesday - Lesson 7.2, writing fractions as sums.  Homework will be pages 395-396 or lesson 7.2 PMT.

Wednesday - 7.3, adding fractions using models.  Homework will be pages 401-402 or lesson 7.3 PMT.

Thursday and Friday - Quiz over lessons 7.1-7.3.  Then lesson 7.4, subtracting fractions using models.  Homework will be pages 407-408 or lesson 7.4 PMT.


Redbulls (Mr. Kiefer’s afternoon math class)

Monday - Lesson 6.8, ordering fractions.  Homework will be pages 375-376 or lesson 6.8 PMT.

Tuesday and Wednesday - Quiz over lessons 6.7-6.8.  Then Lesson 7.1, adding and subtracting fractions. Homework will be pages 389-390 or lesson 7.1 PMT.

Thursday - Lesson 7.2, writing fractions as sums.  Homework will be pages 395-396 or lesson 7.2 PMT.

Friday - 7.3, adding fractions using models.  Homework will be pages 401-402 or lesson 7.3 PMT.


***Note, these are things we expect to complete, but are subject to change as needed.

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