In the Classroom 4/16-4/20


This week in kindergarten our theme is Wants and Needs.  Students will be learning about wants and needs by listening to a variety of “Pigeon” books.  For example, Don’t Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus and The Pigeon Wants A Puppy by Mo Willems. Students will be discussing the difference between a want and a need based on the events in these stories.  In math, we are continuing our unit on 2D shapes. In writing workshop, students are continuing to write “how-to” stories and students are practicing adding exciting endings to their stories.


1st grade:  

Daily 5- In reading groups, we are going to be working on making connections to the stories that we read! First graders will be making text to text, text to self and text to world connections. We will discuss how books that we read have a connection to other stories that we have read in the past. We will also explore how we have personal connections to stories and how they connect to the world around us!


Math- This week, we are continuing our work with fact families. We will practice this skill through lots of fun games and our GO MATH program! Fact families are a great way for our kiddos to see relationships between addition and subtraction problems and also helps them solve an unknown problem!


Writing Workshop- This week we will continue working with opinion stories. This week we will be persuading our writers to see opinions from a different viewpoint by using facts about a topic! We will begin to challenge first graders to use conjunctions in their writing!


Science- This week in science we will be discussing Earth Day! We will discuss why we celebrate Earth Day as well as brainstorm ways that we can do our part to keep our earth a safe and clean place to live! Be sure to ask your first grader what the three R’s are (Reduce,Reuse,Recycle) as well as ask them different ways they can help!


2nd grade:

Second graders will travel to the Great American Ballpark on Tuesday!  We will participate in a social studies program, learn about baseball history in the Hall of Fame, and tour the ballpark!  


Reading: This week students will be reading fairy tales!  Students will read different versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We will compare the different versions of the story and discuss different points of view.  


Math:   We will continue our geometry chapter.  Students will work on partitioning shapes into equal sized parts and learn about fractions this week!


Writing:  Students will begin writing poetry!  They will use their poet’s glasses to look at ordinary objects and describe them in unusual ways.


Second Step:  Students are learning about how they can solve problems.  They are learning to STEP.

S-Say the problem (without blame)

T- Think of solutions

E- Explore consequences

P- Pick the best solution


3rd grade:

Students are continuing to work on their individualized spelling words this week as well as the pattern words. They will be sorting, writing rules, using their words in a sentence and looking for words with similar spelling patterns in print.


During reading mini-lessons this week, the students will be working on identifying the moral/lesson of folktales and fables. Students will read different variations of folktales and fables to continue their comparing and contrasting skill.


In language, the students will be working on capitalizing words in titles. Students will look at familiar book titles and their own books, recognizing what words are capitalized. They will then create their own rules via their observations for which words in titles are capitalized.


During math this week, we will continue work on chapter 11 of perimeter and area. The students will focus on finding perimeter, finding unknown side lengths, and will begin finding area.


The students will continue adapting fairy tales into their own narratives. The students have read classics, and then made changes to the characters, settings, motivations, and solutions. This week students will continue to create their own fairytales. Students are working on rough drafts, editing, revising, and adding dialogue and actions.


In social studies, the students are continuing their study on economics. We have been discussing budgets, making good financial decisions, and opportunity cost so far. We will focus more this week on goods and services, and producers and consumers.


4th grade:  

Reading: This week, students will be taking the English/Language Arts AIR test on Wednesday and Friday.


Writing: Students will be working on literary opinion essays.  In these, students will make a claim and work to support their claim with reasons and evidence from the texts.  


Science: This week, students will continue to practice measurement skills and review for the upcoming test on energy and electricity.  Study guides were sent home last week with important information and test dates.


Social Studies: This week we will be delving into the Civil War! This will include learning about Ohio’s role during this event, a few of the battles, leaders in the war, and the terrible event that occurred just a few days after the Civil War. Homework until April 23 will be working on Civil War presentations. Students will have time to do the majority of the research at school. Requirements and grading rubric for this project is on their Google Classroom.



Gray Savages (Mr. Gray’s Morning Math Class)

Monday-Problem Solving:  Money (Homework, pages 523-524 or page 524 and Enrichment 9.5).   

Tuesday-Add Fractional Parts of 10 and 100 (Lesson 9.6, homework, page 531-532 or page 532 and Enrichment 9.6).  

Wednesday-Compare Decimals, homework, pages 537-538 or page 538 and Enrichment 9.7).  Thursday-Assessment: Equivalent Fractions and Decimals, Relate Fractions Decimals, and Money, Problem Solving (Lessons 9.3-9.5).  

Friday-Lines, Rays, and Angles (Lesson 10.1).


Bullhawks (Mr. Gray’s Afternoon Math Class)

Monday-Tuesday-Rename Fractions and Mixed Numbers (Lesson 7.6, homework, 421-422 or page 422 and Enrichment 7.6).  

Wednesday-Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers (Lesson 7.7, homework, pages 427-428 or page 428 and Enrichment 7.7).   

Thursday-Friday-Subtraction with Renaming (Lesson 7.8, homework, pages 433-434.)


Gray Savages (Mr. Kiefer’s morning math class)

Monday - Lesson 7.6, rename fractions and mixed numbers.  Homework will be pages 421-422 or lesson 7.6 PMT.

Tuesday and Wednesday - Lesson 7.7, adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  Homework will pages 427-428 or lesson 7.7 PMT.

Thursday and Friday - Lesson 7.8, subtraction with regrouping.  Homework will be pages 433-434 or lesson 7.8 PMT.


Redbulls (Mr. Kiefer’s afternoon math class)

Monday - Lesson 7.4, subtracting fractions using models.  Homework will be pages 407-408 or lesson 7.4 PMT.

Tuesday - Lesson 7.5, adding and subtracting fractions.  Homework will be pages 413-414 or lesson 7.5 PMT.

Wednesday and Thursday - Mid-Chapter Checkpoint.  Then lesson 7.6, rename fractions and mixed numbers.  Homework will be pages 421-422 or lesson 7.6 PMT.

Friday - Lesson 7.7, adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  Homework will pages 427-428 or lesson 7.7 PMT.

***Note, these are things we expect to complete, but are subject to change as needed.



Physical Education: We are loving the sunshine in PE!  We will try and get outside any chance we can get!  This week students in third and fourth grade will focus on accuracy, throwing, blocking, and teamwork in Pin Ball!  Students in first and second grade will participate in a throwing, dodging, and running activity called cowboys and indians!  Field Day is scheduled for May 23! The YMCA will be running the fun stations, and parents are welcome to spend the day with their child.


Art: Students in grade 4 will be working at stations in the art room.  We will be doing collaborative painting projects. We will also be doing an assortment of drawing exercises.  We will begin a unit on art history. Looking at art work closely to find objects with famous masterpieces that are unique to each artist.   



1st Grade:

1st graders are working on applying all the concepts they know!  We are using rhythm and melody notes to create our own patterns in songs.  Soon we will work together to create melodies and chants to different books.  Check out the SeeSaw to see our final products in a couple weeks!


2nd Grade:

This month 2nd grade will be creating lots of rhythms and songs.  We are using rhythm and melody notes to create our own patterns in songs.  Soon we will work together to create melodies and chants to different books.  Check out the SeeSaw to see our final products in a couple weeks!


3rd Grade:

Singing, playing, and creating; we are having so much fun in the music room.  3rd grade is using all the concepts they have learned this year and applying them to all kinds of songs in the music room. We are working on learning the letters of the lines and spaces.  This skill will help us play instruments like the recorder and other band instruments in the future.


4th Grade:

We have begun working on our concert.  This year we will be creating songs all about Rivers!.  4th Graders will be performing their concert on Monday May 7th at 7pm at Ross High School!

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