Ross Middle School Band Program

Ross Middle School band students playing instruments


Fifth Grade Band


The purpose of Fifth Grade and is to begin instrumental instruction with students at the middle school level.  We will use some skills that have been developed in elementary school laying recorder in this class. Playing an instrument is an exciting way for students to participate in the arts in the Ross School District.  We will have a lot of fun and learn a lot about different composers and different types of music. We will give concerts to display the ability of these students as they advance in their skills.  


Band Schedule

Monday: Woodwinds & Percussion

Tuesday: Brass 

Wednesday: Woodwinds

Thursday: Brass & Percussion

Friday: Full Band



Important Dates (2017-2018)

September 7,8,11,12: Presentations about band during intervention periods

September 14th: 7:00 pm- RMS Cafeteria- 5th Grade Beginning Band Meeting & Sign-ups

December 13th- 7:00 pm: RHS Auditorium- Holiday Concert

May 15th- 7:00 pm: RHS Auditorium- Spring Concert 



Sixth Grade Band 


The purpose of Sixth Grade Band is to continue to develop the skills as a musician that have already been created in the previous year of instruction. We will work to create a fun learning environment while still. advancing as musicians. Middle School Band is a very important time for students to develop skills that they will need to become members of the high school band. We will give concerts and have in-class assignments to accomplish these goals. At Ross Middle School it is possible to participate in both band and choir, in fact, it is encouraged!  


Band Schedule

Monday: Full Band

Tuesday: Woodwinds Only

Wednesday: Brass Only

Thursday: Percussion Only

Friday: Full Choir Day


Concert Dates (2017-2018)

December 13th: Ross Middle School Winter Band Concert-7:00 pm- RHS Auditorium

May 15th: Ross Middle School Band and Choir Spring Concert- 7:00pm- RHS Auditorium



Seventh/Eighth Grade Band


The purpose of the 7/8 band is to develop skills as a musician that have already been developed in the previous years of instruction.  We will work to make a fun learning environment while still advancing our skills as musicians.  Middle School Band is a very important time for students to develop skills that they will need to be members of the high school band.  We will give concerts, participate in parades and community events, and a high school football game.  There will also be playing tests, and in-class assignments to achieve our goals.  At Ross Middle School it is possible to participate in both band and choir, as they meet separate periods of the school day.  


Band Schedule

The full band will rehearse everyday with concentrated pull-out sectionals for additional instruction.  


Concert/Performance Dates: (2017-2018)

September 22nd:  Band Night Football Game- 5:00pm

October 6th : Homecoming Parade- Elda Elementary- 4:00 pm

December 13th: Ross Middle School Winter Band Concert- 7:00pm

March 8th: Ross Middle School 7/8  Theme Concert- 7:00pm

May 15th: Ross Middle School Band and Choir End of the Year Concert- 7:00pm

May 5th: Ross Middle School Band and Choirs to Kings Island for Music Showcase Festival Competition: All Day




Fees and Equipment

Students are required to rent or own their own instrument to participate in the band program at Ross Middle School.  There are some assistance programs available if you are not able to obtain an instrument through traditional means.  

There are fees associated with each group.  They are as follows:

  • 5th Grade: $10.00 for T-Shirt
  • 6th Grade: $20.00 for T-Shirt and Holiday music book
  • 7/8th Grade- Varies based on instrument.  

Students will need: RMS Polo shirt, Flip Folder & Lyre, Kings Island Competition Entrance Fee  


Mrs. Katherine Duncan, Director
Ross Middle School, Room 700

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