Ross Community Hall of Fame

Last Updated: 1/22/2019 1:43 PM

Maroon and Gold Image of the crest for the Ross Community Hall of Fame

Charles C. Young Funeral Home
The Charles C. Young Funeral Home family has been supporting the Ross Local School District for over 64 years. The funeral home has supported numerous programs, activities, and projects through donations, the use of their property and vehicles, and most importantly, their time. 

Watson Gravel. Inc.
Watson Gravel, Inc. has been investing in the future through donations, equipment, sponsorship and time. For the past decade, Watson Gravel has been instrumental in the support of the RMS FIRST Lego robotics program and the RHS Rambotics. 

Mr. Walter Wurzelbacher
40 plus years of service with the MRAA (Morgan Ross Athletic Association)